How is SEO done?

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If we ask how organic work is done in the process of SEO. The clearest answer to this question is the efficient realization of organic and natural working techniques. In general, in a seo study how to do what to count;

Optimizing site codes to be compatible with search engine optimization
Effective use of digital marketing analysis tools
To follow the work of the competitors site
Backlink query sites with competing sites to follow the links and develop a method accordingly.
Site speed to be loved by search engines
Editing content to fit the article writing rules
Control of paintings in both size and originality
Providing more reference to your site with natural backlink acquisition
Rich Snippet (Structural data usage)
Finding, analyzing and directing content
Inspection of the content on the site to be sufficient length
To avoid factors that cause excessive seo and spam
Trying to be the first in content and to be original
Appropriate domain detection
Work to increase the page authority
Registration to local directories
Increasing social signals through social media management. Thus, to contribute to brand awareness
Company with reputation management, increase brand confidence
Compliance with Google quality policies
Ergonomic use in all mobile devices with responsive design. The use of technologies such as AMP since 2018.
Provide more efficient content to the user by using structured data
Business-related directories such as Yelp