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New Windows 10 Update Comes to Accelerate Your Slow Computer

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It's hard to say that it's a very brilliant year for Intel, especially because of Specter and Meltdown problems. As a result of updates and efforts to prevent problems, computers may have survived, but deceleration problems have emerged up to thirty percent. With the new update of Windows, it seems like it will be possible to recover the lost power.

Although many networks and systems have slowed down, Google's cloud system did not have a serious problem. The reason for this is Paul Turner, one of Google's engineers. Thanks to the Retpoline method, which uses Turner's Intel processors in a different way, there is no loss of performance and no spectral and meltdown problems.

Microsoft's new update, which wants to use this approach on its own operating systems, will be installed with Retpoline.

According to Mehmet Iyigun, a member of the Windows Kernel Team, this update will restore power lost in previous updates and fixes. The difference in CPU usage for end users will be an enormous improvement.

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