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Two New Updates for Tab Sharing and Incognito Mode on Google Chrome

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Google, Chrome browser, especially recently offers some great support. One of them is a very functional and beautiful feature for those who use the Chrome browser in both the mobile version and the desktop version. Google will add a feature called 'self-share' to Chrome; Chrome will allow users to share tabs between mobile devices and desktop computers through this feature.

Chrome will not only update it. A new setting to censor media notifications during incognito mode will soon be available with updates.

Yet, we do not have details as to when the Self-share feature will be in use or in full use. But the available data shows us that live streaming is possible. The censorship of media notifications in hidden mode, which we mentioned immediately, seems to be specific to Android versions and makes sense. While playing media in hidden tabs on Android devices, some details such as video / audio title, URL, artist / channel and background picture are visible.

However, when the new setting becomes available, it will now change and will only give you a notification that a media is playing. This feature will probably be available in the near future.

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