Winamp changes to meet the need for music listening

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Winamp is a brand familiar to anyone who sees the days of digital music. The long-term service will be undergoing a significant change next year.

Rooftop company Radionomy plans to turn Winamp into a platform that will listen to all listening needs, in which the podcasts can be listened, playlists are available, radio channels are available next year.

The details of this massive transformation planned for Winamp are a bit limited for the time being. Currently, it is known that only the service's iOS and Android applications will be prepared and the desktop application will be refreshed. For this purpose, an update will be published on October 18 for the first time in 5 years. The platform was bought by Radionomy in 2014 after it closed in 2013.

The first update to be published will accommodate bug fixes that will keep the application running until the radical change to be made. The completely renewed Winamp 6 will be released in 2019, and mobile applications will be accompanied by the main application.

Radionomy CEO Alexandre Saboundjian has stated that they have been designed as a platform to offer all possible listening options to WinCap, a statement he made to TechCrunch. However, no information has been given on how to integrate services such as Apple Music and Spotify into the platform. It is unlikely that these companies will look hot on a platform that can attract users from their own ecosystems.

Will Winamp be personalized as before?
The ability to change its appearance with different themes was one of the most important steps of the experience that Winamp once offered. It is not yet known whether this personalization will be available in the new Winamp experience. Even though old-style interface personalizations are not allowed, it will be understood that Winamp will remain connected to its roots.