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Today, PHP is widely used and 79% of the sites on the web are working on the PHP language. With PHP you can run many plug-ins and modules and optimize your website.

What is PHP?

PHP (stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) is a web programming language. There are PHP, ASP and VBNET languages, but PHP is the language that is running the most efficient and stable work among them. So it is widely used in PHP language.

Why PHP?

The PHP language is both common and practical. You have the chance to do something comfortably. With PHP programming, your LUNIX server will be able to work efficiently and efficiently.

PHP Our sample code is as follows.

echo "Hello


PHP Script

PHP scripts can be quite successful. They can be both efficient and successful in many ways. You can find really good pluses. It is highly practical and responsive and it offers responsive, stylish design on every device as WEB, Mobile and Tablet modes. However, it is also possible to take into account SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and to be a fast-running system.